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Carrying on the Legacy Through Four Generations

One of the winery’s greatest virtues is that it is a family run winery. The Frank family is proud to have carried the legacy of Dr. Konstantin Frank on through four generations.

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Fred Frank (third generation), the son of Willy Frank and grandson of Dr. Konstantin Frank, is currently at the helm as winery president. Under Fred's leadership, quality production and the amount of medals earned has increased greatly.

Fred’s sister, Barbara Frank (third generation), is a Consulting Winemaker and Regional Sales Manager. Barbara assists in developing quality sparkling wines at Chateau Frank and also plays an important role in “spreading the word” about the quality of our wines in the New York City and New Jersey markets.

One of the secrets of success behind our world-renowned vineyards is our Vineyard Manager and Vice President, Eric Volz (third generation). Eric had the privilege of learning his trade firsthand from grandfather, Konstantin Frank and father, Walter Volz (the winery’s first Vineyard Manager).

Meaghan Frank (fourth generation), daughter of Fred Frank recently joined the family business after receiving an MBA in Wine Business from the prestigious University of Adelaide in Australia and a Master's in Oenology from Cornell University. Meaghan is passionate about continuing her family’s legacy on into the fourth generation.

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