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About Dr. Konstantin Frank Wines

Dr. Konstantin Frank Wines
The Dr. Konstantin Frank line of wines was started by Dr. Konstantin Frank himself in the early 1960's. The line of wines was the culmination of Dr. Konstantin Frank's dream to bring the world's greatest vinifera varieties to the Finger Lakes wine region. Konstantin's vinifera plantings were the first successful vinifera vines in the Finger Lakes, which at the time was a huge feat considering that other producers in the region had believed it impossible for vinifera to grow in the Finger Lakes. Dr. Konstantin Frank's wines instantly received fame and acclaim around the United States as everyone wanted to taste what the great Dr. Frank was able to master in the little known Finger Lakes wine region. Over the years, this level of prestige has continued with Dr. Konstantin Frank wines being recognized by many to be the premier wines of the Finger Lakes today.

The Dr. Konstantin Frank line of wines is special for several reasons. First, the wines are made mostly from "old vines", many of which were planted by Dr. Konstantin Frank himself in the 1950's and 60's. The rootstocks of these vines go down into the earth quite a bit deeper than young vines do, allowing the old vines vines to pick up more trace components. This in turn leads to enhanced wine compexity and character. A tremendous amount of attention and care is also given to the vines used to produce Dr. Konstantin Frank wines with the finest fruit being used during production. This attention to detail is carried on through the winemaking process with a specialized team of winemakers from around the world making sure that the end product is nothing short of perfection.

We're really proud of what the Dr. Konstantin Frank line of wines stands for and invite you to savor the legacy, quality, and passion that goes into each and every bottle of Dr. Konstantin Frank wine!