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About Salmon Run Wines

Salmon Run Wines
Coming from a "pioneering" family, Fred Frank was determined to continue his father Willy and grandfather Konstantin's legacy. In the early 1990's Fred came to work with father, Willy Frank at the winery. With Chateau Frank and Dr. Konstantin Frank wine brands going strong, Fred looked to establish his own line of unique wines. Looking at the wine market, Fred saw that the value end of the wine market remained untapped for the winery and introduced the winery's value brand, Salmon Run, in 1993. He also wanted to expand our wines into other states and knew that the only way to do that without increasing production for Dr. Frank wines was to create this new brand that allowed for high production. Fred named the brand Salmon Run after the majestic landlocked salmon that swim through the deep waters of Keuka Lake below.

Unlike Dr. Frank and Chateau Frank wines made primarily from estate grown grapes, Salmon Run wines are made from grapes that come from vineyards throughout the Finger Lakes region. Multiple vineyards sources allow not only for good wine character, but for better value as well. Excellent value and quality have made Salmon Run one of the most popular Finger Lakes wine brands today. This combination makes Salmon Run wines perfect for every day enjoyment.

We invite you to explore our Salmon Run collection and make these wines a part of life's every day moments!